Short Story

Sulayman Gisse came home from work in the middle of the day and went straight to the kitchen and shot his wife without any ado. He then went into the house and called the police to inform them of what he had done. He looked in the mirror and saw a completely new person; he had changed and at that moment, felt that he had aged at least ten years within that short time. His mind took him back to his office and the scenes flooded his brain like a micro wave.
Sulayman was a branch manager in one of the local banks and was in good shape as he was truly enjoying his life. He had a good job, an excellent remuneration and a beautiful and loving wife, Aji Fatou Mboge. He was a gentle and caring person who loved his wife very much and did everything humanly possible to provide all her needs; she never lacked anything and was happy at all times.
At the office earlier that day, he had arrived in time to receive a steaming cup of coffee from Mallen Jobarteh, his able secretary. She was a nice girl to work with; she knew her job and did it well with a gentle disposition. She was always smiling and jovial.
“Sir, your coffee,” she said, as she placed the cup on his desk.
“Thank you, Mallen,” he said, taking his first sip of the coffee.
A few minutes later, he logged on to Facebook as was his wont. To his horror, he immediately saw a picture which seemed to show his wife posted on his wall. It was a picture in which he was tagged. The strange thing was that his wife seemed to be in a tight hug with a young man. Beneath this picture was a phrase which was glowing as it was written in golden letters. It read: Chillaxing at Senegambia. It immediately brought back a conversation between him and his wife a few days earlier.
“Will you be home early today, honey?” his wife asked.
“I don’t think so, I have a meeting with some investors,” he said while struggling with his tie.
“Ok, no problem,” she said moving closer to give him a hand with his tie.
“Why do you ask?” he asked turning to allow her to assist him with the final bit of his dress.
“It’s nothing, just that Aji Haddy’s husband came from the United States and wanted us to go out for dinner at the Ali Baba Restaurant this evening.”
“Oh Ebou Secka is around? When did he arrive?” he was now interested.
“Two days ago, but if you’ve an important thing to do, I can meet them and extend your apologies,” she said, kissing him goodbye.
“That’s my darling! I love you so much, you always understand me. Thank you.”
He hurried to scroll down to find the name of the person who had posted the picture. The name was so ambiguous that he couldn’t imagine what sort of person will choose such a name for his Facebook account. He had looked at the picture again and felt his stomach sink. He felt the ache of jealousy and hatred raise in his mind. What a bitch! She had me fooled and was going over to slut herself at Senegambia. She smiles so sweetly when all this while she is cheating on me! I am the biggest fool, but that ends today! He took his coat and left the office, banging the door behind him. He was going home to deal with the ‘slut’.
He was back in his bedroom, the corpse was outside at the kitchen door and he took out his Android Phone to log in again and look at the grotesque picture one more time. He logged in and saw to his surprise that the person who posted the picture was completely new on Facebook. In fact, the person had created the account on that very day. The name the person used was, Baayil Saxel Faal. He looked at the friends and saw none. He went to photos and only saw the Arch of Banjul and nothing else!
It dawned on him that someone who must be his enemy was playing a wicked joke on him. Oh my God! He wailed. It was too late as he thought of the corpse of his wife lying at the kitchen door. He heard the police siren wafting louder. He took out the pistol and put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger, sending hundreds of particles of brain tissue to plaster his bedroom wall!

a) … the scenes flooded his brain like a micro wave
i) What figure of speech is contained in the extract above?
ii) What does it mean?
b) … he had aged at least ten years within that short time…
i) What does the writer mean in the above extract?
c) i) Was Sulayman’s wife cheating on him?
ii) What proof can you give for your answer?
d) … what he had done
i) What is the grammatical term for the above extract?
ii) What is its function?
e) How will you describe the relationship between Sulayman and Mallen?
f) Why did Sulayman call the police?
g) Find a word or phrase to replace the following as used in the passage.
i) ado ii) flooded iii) disposition iv) wont v) Chillaxing vi) grotesque


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