Everyone has a dream
I heard her issue a scream
As if from behind a screen
Inside, two people, a girl, face grim
An old woman with a wide grin
‘You,’ blurted the girl, ‘have hurt me’
I know, it must have stung like a bee

‘What on earth have you done, old lady?’
‘This girl,’ I thundered, ‘is just a baby!’
‘This,’ she said with shaky hands, ‘is tradition’
This has now been pushed away by education

On the girl’s face tears ran like a stream
It’s clear she must have lost her dream
The old woman had taken her fate
As if she herself had no faith

Is the girl child’s esteem so low?
That we take into our hands the law?
Impose on her what is ‘good?’
Simply because we give her food!

She could have grown up a star
But we give her instead a scar
May neva b able to b a member of d bar
Her entire life we mar

Who gave you that right?
To her fate decide
Inflict pain that will abide
Call yourself a guide!

They claim the doer is a surgeon
Then they attribute it to religion
But it’s nothing more that culture of a region
Mutilate not our girl
For she is our ultimate goal!

Tha Scribbler


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