She’s the ugliest I’ve ever seen
In all the places I’ve ever been
She’s no one’s friend or relative
She grips one and makes restive

She’s an evil disease
Has made many deceased
With her, you don’t receive
Nor will you ever perceive

She’s a brave soldier
Heavy on the shoulder
Take on half the world
The other half, do have

She comes in different shapes
Sending many to their graves
‘What’s your name?’ I asked
‘U don’t want to know,’ she said,
‘Look around, old buildings,
Ignorance, hunger, war, orphans, malnutrition,
Immorality, child mortality
Broken homes, illiteracy,
Do you still ask my name?’
‘No, I know, you’re Poverty’
‘Ha ha, you’re smart,’ she said
‘No,’ I said, ‘not enough, not until I eliminate you!’


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