I was told to throw away my modesty, I did
I was told to leave my culture, it’s old fashioned, I did
I was told to change my dress, it’s not beautiful, I did
I was told to change my reception, it’s not welcoming, I did
I was told to forget my songs, they’re not melodious, I did
I was told not to speak my language, it’s not written, I did
I was told to abandon my religion, it’s not civilized, I did

I turned and looked back and saw that I was deceived
I took again my modesty and my former ways
I revived my culture, the wrestling, the Kankurang and the Balafong
Putting on the Khaftaan, the Daaba Kurtoo and the Chaaya
I danced to the Kora, Sewrubaa and the Sabar
Speaking Fula, Wollof, Mandinka, Jola, Sarahule and Serer
I returned to my religion and worshiped in my former way

It was my education, culture and humanity that the enemy chose for me
Today I have rejected all and just want to be ‘me’
But the enemy has not stopped planning
He has entered into Africa, my motherland, openly
He bribed my leaders with wealth and they accepted
Insurgents and rebellions against my people, he supported
The leader who wants to be independent of him he opposes
He planted hatred and discord among the countries in Africa
The tribes and sub-tribes also he separated in Africa
Blood was shed and it ran into streams in Africa
Whoever desires to establish peace he ignores
Until Rwanda and Burundi had war crimes
Blood is running in Sierra Leone and Liberian Shrines

He imprisoned, poisoned and exiled the Nkurumahs
He used the media, the TV to corrupt my morals
And now, rebels everywhere he gives arms
T o shed blood, chop off hands and destroy farms
All I said here my brethren, we have seen
Oh! Africans, we should come together as we’ve before been
For, we’re still not from this enemy free
For this enemy relaxes not nor surrenders
I do not trust this enemy anymore
Let us unite work hard and keep something in store


2 thoughts on “DECEIVED

  1. momodou jarju says:

    the western education has, i personally inhibiting me forth the mission of man from Allah, they deceive, please guide us from their tricks!!!


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