Mixed Feelings

The number of my student-friends leavin for overseas studies keeps growing daily. Two years ago, Seedy Choi left for Morocco and then Ebou Jobe and Omar Bojang left for India. This year, Alieu Jallow and Sukai Jallow left for Ghana to join Alagie Lamin Jallow all of whom belong to the diligent group who used to frequent my place. The latest to join this august group are Musa Manneh and Pa Modou Drammeh. Both have left for Turkey to pursue higher education. All of them left me with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. Sad because I will miss them a lot and happiness because in the long run, that is my wish for all my students: success! These people chose me out of more than fifty teachers and chose to stick to me. When I think of them, my heart is filled with love and I pray whole-heartedly for their success. May Allah always be with you wherever you may be. Work hard and succeed! Godspeed, Mr Bah United!!!


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